This is a Lego spaceship that I entered recently in an Arts project festival. There is also an accompanying background story to go with it, see below.

 Zeplora IMG_1071

Zeplora IMG_1073

Type: X1

Fuel: hexatropylene

Top Speed: 587 x speed of light

Gun Type: 2 x K8 incinerator beams

Wingspan: 4.5 metres

Length: 4.1 metres

Code Name: “Yellow Plague”

The X1 is a hyper-light speed spaceship developed for the Inter-Stellar Army (ISA). It was first released in the year 2057. It is a valuable asset, and only 10 have been made.

The X1 is primarily used as a deterrent, due to its incredible firepower. Updated in the year 2067 with a Z-1 force field it is virtually indestructible. The only weapon that can destroy it is a gun that uses lead bullets, but those have been officially banned since 2035.

The X1 had another upgrade in 2071, which included capabilities of trans-time and trans-dimensional teleporting. Although these consume a lot of energy, they are essential in a pinch.

With all of these capabilities it is a formidable peacekeeper.

The X1 first saw action in 2061, when a hostile tribe of Oztracks attacked a settlement in the Andromeda Galaxy, colonised by earth-friendly Bezzicts. All negotiations failed, and the X1 was sent in.

After some reconnaissance, the X1 cleared out of the system and fired five shots, one for each of the Oztracks planets. The mission was a total success.

Zeplora IMG_1072