Insect Hotel progress

We made an Insect Hotel in November, which is a kind of habitat for various insects.

An Insect Hotel typically consists of hollow bamboo, clay with holes, and wood with holes drilled in it; although there are many more ways to make crevices for nesting insects.

Here are some photos

The pieces being sanded.
The finished Hotel
The handiwork of a resident. (Mr. Wasp has filled up the hole with mud)
Thank you for your stay Mr Wasp! (He has emerged)
Enjoying the view there, Sir?

On the whole the hotel has been a success. You could say the hotel has be a buzz with activity ;)

This is a slow motion video of the wasp



New Praying Mantis!

I love to keep these beautiful insects, they are very entertaining! We catch the flies for them to eat and they get free room service! Here is a Slow Mo video of “Korie” (that’s his name) catching a fly:

The Slow Mo footage was taken on an iPad Mini 4.

The species is the native Praying Mantis which is in New Zealand.

Here is more about Praying Mantids.