We found some puffballs in the garden. Here is a photo and a video:

IMG_9582They are not plants – they are in their own kingdom of life. They don’t have chlorophyll for photosynthesis, and their cell walls are made of chitin – like the exoskeletons of insects and crustaceans. Fungi are cool.

The video shows the spores being released, filmed in slow motion and then slowed down a further 25%.

Geocaching and dinosaurs

We went out to look for a geocache yesterday, in the Christchurch Botanic Gardens. It was a multi cache so we had to collect some information from the Peace Bell to get some coordinates for the cache. We used a very excellent app called ‘MapToaster‘ on an iPhone to find the geocache.

zeplora geocache IMG_8655

We found the geocache, left a snake, and brought back a little dinosaur.

zeplora geocache IMG_8658

Here is a photo of him sitting on a cushion plant.

zeplora geocache IMG_8663

It made a good trip. If you want to try geocaching, have a look here for one near you.

And here are a couple more photos I took of the dinosaur in the gardens.

zeplora geocache IMG_8670

zeplora geocache IMG_8672


Here in Christchurch over the summer there was a public arts project with painted models of giraffes. There were a lot of different designs. There were larger ones and there were smaller ones. The smaller ones were done by schools.

A giraffe quietly contemplates its possible future
A giraffe quietly contemplates its possible future

They were cool – I wish they could have stayed up.

Here are some of them: