Trading Game

The trading game is one that we play at Critter Club. Here’s how we play:

  • People split into teams then collect natural materials to trade with other teams.
  • People can claim resources by saying how much space is claimed and putting a stick in the ground by the resource. Live animals, however small, and uprooting of whole/rare plants is not allowed.
  • Tradable items might include: pinecones, glass, rocks, bones, sap, makeshift tools, makeshift weapons, and whatever else is around that the other teams want to buy (but not live animals and plants)
  • Two people agree on a trade, for example one small sharp stick for a chunk of clear glass.


To function, the game relies on people being sensible and reasonable; which includes not taking unguarded resources and being reasonable about what area is claimed.

You can however charge as much as you can get!