New Praying Mantis!

I love to keep these beautiful insects, they are very entertaining! We catch the flies for them to eat and they get free room service! Here is a Slow Mo video of “Korie” (that’s his name) catching a fly:

The Slow Mo footage was taken on an iPad Mini 4.

The species is the native Praying Mantis which is in New Zealand.

Here is more about Praying Mantids. 

Ground beetle find

We found a really cool ground beetle in Hagley Park yesterday. None of these photos do it justice. It’s even cooler in real life.

zeplora megadromus IMG_3327

We think the species is Megadromus antarcticus.

zeplora megadromus IMG_3349

There is a guide to New Zealand ground beetles here. The Fauna of New Zealand Series No. 60 also covers this species.

NatureWatchNZ shows a fairly small number and area of observations of this particular species.