New Praying Mantis!

I love to keep these beautiful insects, they are very entertaining! We catch the flies for them to eat and they get free room service! Here is a Slow Mo video of “Korie” (that’s his name) catching a fly:

The Slow Mo footage was taken on an iPad Mini 4.

The species is the native Praying Mantis which is in New Zealand.

Here is more about Praying Mantids. 



I saw a very dense trail of ants going across a path and up my plum tree, here is a video:

They seemed to be moving home into a nock in the plum tree.
Here is a link to more about ants.

Ground beetle find

We found a really cool ground beetle in Hagley Park yesterday. None of these photos do it justice. It’s even cooler in real life.

zeplora megadromus IMG_3327

We think the species is Megadromus antarcticus.

zeplora megadromus IMG_3349

There is a guide to New Zealand ground beetles here. The Fauna of New Zealand Series No. 60 also covers this species.

NatureWatchNZ shows a fairly small number and area of observations of this particular species.