Update on clock!

Remember the neopixel clock? (See last post if you don’t)

Well that’s done and dusted as they say. Well, it doesn’t have a case yet but it is permenantly soldered together so that counts!

For some unknown reason it was about 30 minutes out when I woke up smh

I pressed Reset and it tells time right


Here are some pics
Now I’m going to make a neopixel pendant.

Adventures in Neopixels!

Lately I have been playing around with a neopixel ring. I have been trying to make a clock for my bedroom using Neopixels and a ESP8266 microcontroller.

The ESP8266 comes with a wi fi module so I can use my dad’s temperature sensors to display the outside temperature.


A neopixel is a set of three LEDs with its own “driver” built in, as such they need a microcontroller such as an esp8266, arduino or other.

There is a 330 ohm resistor between the esp8266 and the input data pin and a 1000μF 16v capacitor between the power pins.

Will post updates as I seem to have broken the code!


I was researching how to make a base for a Warhammer model, when I found a cool tutorial by Jay from ‘Eons Of Battle’. He used carved sprue to make crystals. I thought this was a great idea. 
But, this gets better! To make a base with cracked earth and lava, he used eggshell! Like really! Who would’ve thought that eggshell could look so good! 
So I thinks to myself “yes green is fine and all, but what about red?” So I made some red necron crystals. Then I thinks “but I am working with a big base, these little crystals are just too small”. So I made some larger crystals out of hardwood!

And that is why creativity is endlessly helpful.
Jay has many more inspirational techniques on his channel (Link above).

Here is a photo of a wood crystal