Card game


Use at least one card deck and preferably use decks with 11’s, 12’s, 13’s. These are the packs used for playing six-handed Five Hundred’s.

Remove all face cards, aces, 10’s, and 2’s.
Split the remaining cards evenly between all players.


To begin, player 1 places down a factor card. Rotate who places factor cards through the rounds.

Then player one places a hand card from their deck. A hand is one card face up.

Player 2 places their hand card.

Each player then multiplies their hand card by the factor card and says their answer out loud. Whoever has the greatest product wins, except if the winning player says their number wrong.

The winner takes all cards on the board. Repeat until out of cards.

The final winner of the game is the person who has the most cards or the person who has zero cards.



If anyone of the players gets 42, 169, 9, or if it’s a tie, then a Battle begins.


There are no factor cards. Each player places 4 cards face up, then adds them together. Whoever has the greatest sum wins all cards on the board, if they state their answer correctly.
Here are some photos of gameplay.



42! (The answer to life, the universe and everything).



The lowest possible product – battle will begin.




189 the enemy is very angry, they want a battle! (maximum possible product).



Original game idea:

Thanks to Denise Gaskins for the original game idea, see The Game That’s worth 1000 worksheets

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