Nerf Hammershot Info

This is a review of the Nerf Hammershot gun.

In case you guys have been living under a rock for a few decades, Nerf guns are replica firearms that fire foam darts.

They usually use a spring to drive air into the dart, which fires it; however some use a pair of high speed rotating wheels to grab the dart and hurl it out the end of the gun (fly wheels).


This is the Hammershot – it is a “springer” which is the standard community-made term for a normal spring-powered Nerf blaster (more on that later when I show the internals).


(NOTE: I have repainted it to look better, see here for an image 0f the original).

This gun is very good; its PROS and CONS are:


  • One-handed prime
  • Slam-fire
  • Easy to mod
  • Easy to paint
  • Nice feel
  • Plenty of Mod Kits available


  • Low capacity (five shots)
  • Somewhat hard to prime the hammer

As you can see, I can’t think of many cons, so it must be good!


Now I will show you what the internal mechanics look like:

This by Tinrocket-2016-11-23-12-42-05.jpg

It is very simple. I haven’t explained all the parts, but those are the main functions.

As a side note, the swirl painting I did on it used a borax and water solution, and Gloss enamel paint.

Index of useful Nerf Product and reference material:

The Nerf Wiki

Coop772’s YouTube Channel

LordDraconical a Modder

NerfBoyProductions’ YouTube Channel

OutOfDarts’ YouTube Channel

A basic mod and swirl painting guide (Remember the Gloss paint!)

Orange Mod Works


Well I hope you enjoyed this blog post, cya later.

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