Pasta, with bacon and tomato sauce

I have been enjoying watching Gordon Ramsay cooking, on YouTube. Here is a recipe of my own that I made this weekend and enjoyed:

zeplora pasta IMG_2819

Pasta, with bacon and tomato sauce

olive oil
3 pieces dry cured bacon
½ 400g tin Italian tomatoes
sweet smoked paprika
white wine
black pepper

Cut all fat off bacon and fry with some olive oil
Take off heat and add a pinch of paprika, leave a few minutes
Strain off the flavoured fat and set aside

Cut bacon into small pieces and fry in olive oil
Add about 2 tablespoons white wine to bacon and reduce
Mouli (puree) tomatoes and add to bacon

2 pinches of oregano
2 turns of pepper
pinch of sweet paprika
~1/3 teaspoon of the pork fat mixture from earlier
3 pinches of sugar
~ 1 tablespoon white wine
3 pinches thyme

Reduce sauce on a low heat and serve on pasta, garnish with parsley

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