Origami #2

Here is some more of the origami I’ve been making:


Spider (2 pieces of paper)
Spider (2 pieces of paper) – traditional
Squid  – Design by  Jun Maekawa
Cow – Design by Jun Maekawa
x pieces of paper
Fireworks (many pieces of paper) – design by Yuri Shumakov
Tree – Design by Jun Maekawa
Elephant – Design by Jun Maekawa
Triceratops – Design by Jun Maekawa
Water bomb
Water bomb – traditional design
Baboon – Design by Jun Maekawa
Bird – own design
Mouse – Design by Jun Maekawa
Snake dragon
Snake dragon – Design by Marc Vigo
Beetle - Jo Nakashima
Beetle – Design by Jo Nakashima

I think Jun Maekawa does utterly amazing origami. I’m planning to get some more of his books.

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