Cutus wirii

Our latest robot is called ‘Cutus wirii’.

This is a very simple servo-driven robot that is autonomous. His computer is an Arduino.


The main chassis is plastic, cut with a dremel.

The servos are attached with a kind of aluminium clamp. He has a ball bearing at the back as a third wheel.

Back wheel
Back wheel and aluminium clamps


Two short-range infra-red sensors and a 9 V battery pack complete the rest of the electronics.

Robot from the front
Robot from the front, showing sensors

He is a very successful robot. His programme comes from another robot we made a while ago, with just a tiny bit of changing to the code.

Detail of wiring
Detail of wiring

One wheel turns backwards and the other forwards, when he encounters an object, which makes him turn away.

One of the two main wheels
One of the two main wheels

Some of our older robots are here and here.

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