Aircraft carriers

We have been watching a National Geographic film about Aircraft Carriers, called Super Carrier.

Aircraft carrier deck showing sire that catches plane on landing
The aircraft carrier and the jet fighter, with 3 minifigs.
Yellow shirts use lights to signal at night
Yellow shirt with his torches.
Yellow shirt signalling to control planes on the deck
Yellow shirt head and helmet (from the smallest lego dinosaur set).
Red shirts put the ordnance on the planes
Red shirt using a sack barrow to wheel bombs to the plane.
Room where they keep track of where all the planes are
The ouiji board to keep track of where the planes are.
Pilot helmet
The pilots helmet, in his ready room.
The pilot's ready room.
The pilot’s ready room.

Red shirt, carrying munitions.Red shirts carrying ordinance (but you cant see them because of the way the camera is pointed).

Jet wheel, in the cat.
The front wheel of the jet on the steam catapult.
Cat(apult) about to launch a plane
The nose of the plane and the steam catapult.
Hook to catch the wire when a plane lands on the ship
The tail hook to catch the wire on the aircraft carrier. It is held up by a 1×2 lego plate.
Steam catapult that launches planes
The part of the catapult that holds the front wheel of the jet fighter.
The wire has to stop the planes as they land
The wire that the tail hook on the jet fighter (2 photos back on this post) catches.
Aircraft carrier deck
The overall view of the aircraft carrier. You can see the jet fighter with the pilot climbing in, and the red shirt with his bombs and part of the steam catapult and the wire.

There are some good aircraft carrier videos on YouTube, especially these two – here and here.

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