Epiphryne verriculata

So, a cabbage tree moth. We collected a cabbage tree moth caterpillar and kept if for a while.

Cabbage tree caterpillar (here it is on an acorn leaf, but we fed it on fresh new inner leaves of a cabbage tree)

It spun a cocoon and hatched into a moth.

Cabbage tree moth (Epiphryne verriculata)

Cabbage tree moths have beautiful stripy wings. They are used to camouflage it on the surface of dead cabbage tree leaves.

2 thoughts on “Epiphryne verriculata

  1. Jacinda

    We have 3 large cabbage trees out the front of our house (we use bundles of their leaves as fire starters). Finding cabbage tree moth caterpillars needs to go on our list. Thanks for the inspiration. Those stripes are stunning.

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