Book Review: The Elements

The Elements

A visual exploration of every known atom in the Universe 

By Theodore Gray

‘The Elements’ is an amazing book, full of interesting stuff.

It tells you about all 92 chemical elements and more. It gives examples of what each element is used for and pictures of what they look like.

Buy it. Read it now!

You could start an element collection of your own. Except you couldn’t have a collection all the way up to element 118. No, no, no! Element 99 is the beginning of the elements that you can’t keep in your collection, because they decay in less than a millisecond – tiny fractions of a second. You wont have them for long.

And if you can get your hands on Carbon-14 it will decay in a few thousand years – it is a radioactive form of Carbon. All of them will decay over trillions of years. Gold is one of the most stable ones. Oxygen is quite reactive.

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